Must not be diluted before use.
Treatable after about 12-14 hours. Totally dry after 28 days.
Conservation: in a dry, cool place, away from the frost and humidity.
Step 1 - To start, apply Spatula Stuhhi Primer Naturale.
Step 2 - Prepare the shade with our paints indicated in the sample collection and mix with the beater; allow to rest for 24 hours.
Step 3 - First Coat, while standing the product relaxes making this job easy.
Step 4 - Second Coat, the surface is perfectly dry and absorbent giving a completely smooth surface, the ideal requisite for an excellent THIRD COAT.
Step 5 - Third Coat, an important trick to achieve an easy polish is to mix Spatula Stuhhi well to make it more liquid.
Step 6 - Here is a picture of the two different consistencies. Use our special spatulas, especially for the third coat.
Step 7 - At this point the product will penetrate into every little crack and with slight pressure the surface will be perfectly smooth. We apply... and remove Spatula Stuhhi for about 1 square meter and ...
Step 8 - ... 30 seconds later we polish using a very clean spatula, in this way. We go on to the next square meter, overlapping the first to eliminate any sign of seams.
Step 9 - At this point the job is finished. The wall is compact, glossy, soft and completely breathable.
Packagesmq/KGKG. 24KG. 8KG. 2
Spatula Stuhhi Art. 1001124 mq8 mq2 mq
Packages KG. 24KG. 8KG. 2
Spatula Stuhhi Art. 1001S12.250 ml750 ml187 ml
S2750 ml250 ml62 ml
S3186 ml62 ml15,5 ml
S460 ml20 ml5 ml
Does not contains solvents - Not inflamable - Breaths

Regulatory information
EU VOC limit for this product (cat.A/I): 200 g/l (2010)
Maximum VOC content 50 g/l

Hazard Identification
H315: It causes skin irritation
P264: Wash the body parts come into contact after use.
P280: Wear protective gloves / protective clothing / Protect eyes / face
P302 + P352: IN CASE OF SKIN CONTACT: Wash with plenty of soap and water.
P321: Specific treatment (see label)
P332 + P313: In case of skin irritation: consult a doctor.
P362: Take off contaminated clothing and wash before reuse.
H318: It causes serious eye damage
P280: Wear protective gloves / protective clothing / Protect eyes / face.
P305 + P351 + P338: IN CASE OF EYES CONTACT: Wash immediately, remove any contact lenses, then continue to wash with copious amounts of running.
P310: Immediately call a POISON CENTER or physician.